American Hymns

by Traveling Mercies

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All music was written, recorded, and mastered by Andrew, Dylan, Joel, and Luke.

Special thanks to:
Sam Yahr for providing additional instrumentation on track 6 and vocals on track 1.
Sarah Nodarse for writing the lyrics to track 5.
Riley Holden for being our album cover model.


released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


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Traveling Mercies Knoxville, Tennessee

Traveling Mercies. It’s a term often heard in prayers meaning “Lord, please give us safe travels.” Life takes us on many travels–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–and music may just carry us through those travels safely by being our inspiration. That’s what Traveling Mercies, and their music, strives to be. ... more

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Track Name: Come Out Fighting
You can say goodbye to me now baby
My soul has gone to where it’s dark and cold
I need someone’s help to get my heart back
This world is choking me, my mind is under attack

Close my eyes as I hear that sound
Deep down I know I gotta stand my ground

Hey, hey, hey, you can spit in my face
I don’t care if I end up last on that list
On that day I’ll be gone without a trace
I’m not done standing in the face of your fists

Now it’s time for me to come out fighting
My feet are set, my spirit’s lit and bold
And if I fall I won’t have to sweat it
My might is right because it’s not my own
Track Name: Remember To Die
I’ve watched the color leave this land
(Fade to gray time, time and again)
I’ve seen blood shed by human hand
A fallen country bound again to fall
But death’s open arms can soundly save us all

I’ve seen the world from the inside
A darkened room where the broken hide
Dying is living, faith is believing
Now you’re alive

I’ve seen the inside of my grave
(There’s never been a darker place)
Piled high with death and shame
(And other things that I won’t name)
The things they carried have no name
In the farthest corners of the grave

And I finally know the soul
(Now you’re alive, you’re alive, and you’re ready to go)
The soul you want me to know
Track Name: A Thousand Times
You fell asleep
Ruling my dreams
The city sleeps
And we won’t miss a thing

About the way
It used to be
Before I knew you
And life arose in me
Because you’re everything

Fall in love a thousand times
Fall in love every single time you smile
Fall in love a thousand times
Fall in love with your green eyes

You’ve captured me
I just can’t believe
Taken to me
All of me

Home is by your side
In the middle of the night
Sharing secrets
Planning our lives
The whole night

You’re everything to me
Track Name: Louisiana Love
What a shame we had such little time
And what became of my upbeat state of mind
If only words could describe
The way I love you all the time
But time ain’t on our side

I guess I thought
We might be together, live forever
Oh I guess I thought
This might be the best, I’ll live the rest
And be my first Louisiana love

When I wake you’re the first thing on my mind
When I sleep I dream about you all the time
Maybe we shouldn’t even try
I’m we’d both be just fine
But fine just ain’t alright

I miss you more than you will ever know
I miss your heart, you know, the one that I stole
Now my only dream is to one day make this song true
Because honestly it’s not
Track Name: Alive
Surrounded by pain and living to die
My heart won’t stop beating
I’m still alive
Stricken by fear and livid with rage
I keep breathing in a world that’s a stage
And I’m still alive

Pushing, running, never stopping
Holding, falling, rushing, dropping
Crying, trying, dying fears
Will I be alive when I’m done with these years
Alone in the world and it’s only I
Heart’s still beating and I wonder why
The clock’s still ticking around my time
Around my eyes

To be alive is to be unknown
To be alive is to know no home
To be alive is to truly grow
To be alive is to be unknown
To be alive is know no home
To be alive is to free your soul

And even when I seem to die
I’d rather live a thousand lives
Than see the world through clouded eyes
I see through every single lie
And I’m still alive

I’m coming free
I’m coming alive
I’m breaking free
I’m living alive
I’m gonna try
I’m gonna die
I’m gonna run until I find
A way to learn to live to die awake
Track Name: Entropy's Slaves
Take it away
I long for yesterday
No matter what they say
The mind, it does decay

Frost covered eyes
I long to see the light
We’re entropy’s slaves
The more we try the more we lose

I don’t know how to see
I don’t know where to look
I don’t know how to discern what’s in front of me
I don’t know what to think
I don’t know who to trust
Don’t know how but I know it’s all too much

Maybe I’m all to blame
Think I gave way too much to stand right here
And watch it fall in front of me
This ain’t just pain
Entropy’s gonna reign

We’re entropy’s slaves
We’re born of yesterday
It runs through our very veins
It burns, it burns
Entropy’s slaves
Our bondage is decay
It runs through our very veins
It burns, it burns
Track Name: Owe It All To You (Interlude)
And I owe it all to you
All this change in my heart
It wouldn’t be without you
And I owe it all to you
You loved me from the start
Now its time for me to love you
Just like you always loved me
Track Name: Victories
I am just a wandering man
I’ve got battles in my soul
I ain’t got no kind of plan
There are so many paths to choose
Where do I go, I’ve got nothing left to lose

I’ve got so much to figure out
Got my victories but got my doubts
You know I’ve got so much to figure out now

Nothing here is right for me, I want so much more
But every time I gain my feet I fall further than before
The deepest dreams are all I need to beat what I believe
Where do I go when I hate the song in me
Track Name: No Longer Home
Home is where the skies are deepest blue
The river’s bend as wide as fears are few
But you run and hide, escaping from its view
As your home comes searching after you

Where were you when you knew
Your hometown was no longer home

Out on the road in a country tall and wide
No place to go and the stars as your guide
Strangers for companions, always by your side
And far behind your home has long since died

Where are you now, now that you’ve found
Your hometown is no longer home

You’ve settled down and you’ve grown to be a man
Travels in your past and lessons learned in your hand
A million miles away from where you now stand
Is the lonely town where it all began

Where will you be when you finally see
Your hometown is no longer home
Track Name: Already Won
Step back for a moment
Take stock of it all
Are two-faced people
Just like towers that won’t fall

And we’re stuck in the middle of a fight
Of a fight not our own
This war within is eating at my soul
Good thing we’ve already won

Lost all connections
Surrender to the light
Nearing perfect hearts and faces
In the end of the fight

We’re stuck in the middle of a war
Save me before I break down
Save this crooked soul from its darkest depths now
Reaching out just to be found
Track Name: Broken Promises
Take two steps back into the grave
Of which tongues erupt
We’re two damaged lovers
Wrestle with the tension
Between fiction and the truth
They fought for their love
Breaking every rule
See it’s not always fair
In love and war

But the sun may never shine as bright as your eyes
As bright as your eyes
And I promise not to try to get inside your mind
To make you see me clearly tonight

We’ve backtracked again
Further than before
Knives drawn out
There’s blood on the floor
Proving love ain’t stronger than
This blood on the floor
I can’t tell whose it is anymore

You never wanted me to be the one you run to
And I promise one more thing
I’ll always love you
And your broken promises

Your broken promises

The sun will never shine
Track Name: American Hymns
Wake up sleeper
I know you want more
Wake up dreamer
Dare to be more

You can take it all
They say embrace the fall
Sing your American hymns
Washed out lonely dreams
Are you everything
That you thought you would be

Walking down a busy street
None of our eyes meet
It’s America’s defeat
You and I were always close
If only for a moment
If only in my head

Away the shadows of my past
A weight won’t get off my back
Lessons learned in the valleys of my soul
Have taught me more than half of what I know

You think about the way it could be
You think about the way it should be
And we’re singing

Set me free